Cristen + Josh | Park & Beach Location Engagement Shoot

Cristen and Josh were such a fun couple to photograph here in South Florida! We started shooting their engagement photos at a riverside park in downtown Fort Lauderdale, we were able to not only capture this special moment for Cristen and Josh, but also able to capture some of the spirit of Fort Lauderdale. From there we headed to the coast and shot more photos on gorgeous Fort Lauderdale beach.

Read more to find out how Josh proposed with an adorable golden retriever!

1.How did you meet?  We met through mutual friends. We have been together for 6 years!

2.Where was your first date? What did you do? I believe our first actual “date” he took me out to dinner, it was so long ago I almost can’t remember LOL. But, the first time we ever hung out was outside of my parents house, sitting on the back of his truck which could be considered the first date.

3.How did he propose? At our home with a golden retriever he surprised me with. He was holding a sign that said “House – check, Golden Retriever – check, Will you marry me – check yes or no. Of course, I checked yes! The dog also had a sign around his neck that said “House – check, Me- check, Will you marry us?”

4.What are your favorite things to do together? We love just hanging out and relaxing, enjoying our days off together. Going to dinner is another favorite…that way we don’t have to cook, LOL. Going on vacations together, disney is one of our favorite trips.

5.Do you have any pets, what are their names? Yes! He is a golden retriever rescue from Turkey. His name is Tarcin, it means cinnamon in Turkish. I call him Tarchy

6.Why did you choose the location that you did for your engagement session? We did riverside park so we can get all the greenery. We also did the beach since our reception is on the beach and we wanted pictures with nice soft lighting.

7.Any funny stories you’d care to share about your relationship? Theres usually not a dull moment with Josh and I so theres quite a few. The first one that comes to mind was actually before we were dating. Over summer one year, a group of us went to a friends house. At the end of the night when we were all ready to go to bed, we couldn’t find Josh. After looking, we found him asleep in our friend’s little sister’s princess bed. It was a bed for a 5 year old, like hot pink and with disney princesses on it. From that moment on, he was the one who fell asleep in the princess bed! When we started dating I always teased him about it. We still laugh about it because I always said who would’ve thought I would have dated the kid who fell asleep in the princess bed and, now were engaged!


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