35 Must Have “Getting Ready” Wedding Photos

When engaged couples start the journey of dreaming and planning their dream wedding, they picture what it will be like saying “I Do” and how much fun it will be to celebrate with family and friends at the reception! But what they may be overlooking is the treasured experiences they’ll have getting ready for their big day with loved ones! Everything from getting your hair and make-up done, to taking moments to appreciate those special people who came to celebrate with you. So the Michelle Lawson Photography team has put together the must-have getting ready shots for your wedding day to take advantage of every experience!

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  1. The rings and other special details

While the rings are something wedding photographers usually expect to get a shot of, any other special details, like a unique and loving note left at the bottom of a bride's shoe, should be communicated to you photographer to ensure you get the pictures you want

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Island Life Events


2. Hair and Make-up

Beauty shots are fun and who doesn't love getting pampered?! You'll also be able to get the beauty detail shots before the group photos take place.

Featured Hair/ Make-Up Vendors;

Kiss This Make-Up,

Beauty Couture Inc. 

Asteria Beauty

Beauty by LunAlex

3. Gifts or Letters

Capturing these precious moments adds another emotional element to your photos and another reminder of precious gifts or words you'll hold dear in your marriage

4. The Helpers: The first time you step into your wedding dress is a magical moment. Make sure it's captured!

Whether it's your bridesmaids or parent, having those loved ones help you get ready and look beautiful makes charming photos. Pro Tip- Keep your getting ready area as clean as possible to avoid distracting elements in the background.

Featured Venues;

The Addison in Boca Raton, Florida

5. Flowergirls

Have a little one who's close to your heart? Take some adorable pictures for them to cherish till their own wedding day!

6. The First Look

Capture the reaction of your loved ones of you ready to walk down the isle! The fun thing with first looks is that you can do it with your bridesmaids, mother or father, or future spouse!

Featured Venues;

The Addison

Grande Oak Golf Club

The W Hotel on South Beach

So if you're planning your wedding, don't forget about those precious hours before you walk down the isle! If some of these shots are ones you want for your wedding write them down for your photographer ahead of time to ensure you get all the shots you want!

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