Ana and Josh – She said yes!

There are a few moments in life you will never forget, the birth of a child, your wedding day, or THE day she said yes. Every married couple has a story about how he popped “the question”. Sky writing? A surprise in a quaint park? No matter what is it is, we know its a special event you don’t want to forget, that is were we come in. We are so happy Josh invited us to help record this special moment in their lives, now this is an event they will not only never forget but be able to visualize years down the road.


As you scroll down and are able to join them in their special moments together, just place yourself in their shoes, and imagine the happiness overflowing of new love, and the start of something great. ( Hint here guys – this is something your bride to be will want to share and treasure for years to come give us a call at 305.986.7029 to find out more)



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