Author archives: Lucy Vanzwol

  • Cat and Dan: A Lovely English Wedding

  • While browsing through Cat and Dan's gorgeous, September countryside wedding, one almost can't help but suddenly be thinking it's tea-time while musing with a British accent. (Maybe it's just me.)  You see, this wedding wasn't in our usual stomping grounds--or anywhere near it!  As Fort Lauderdale a[...]
  • Sara and Zac: A South Beach Engagement Session

  • Today’s post is bursting at the seams with photos for you. Why? Because my heart wouldn’t let me choose. Because to choose would mean discarding beauty, love and life. Because discarding beauty love and life would go against every fiber of my being!!*cough*Okay. I did have to be a little cho[...]
  • Tanya and David: Engagement Photos

  • Ahhh, young love. Such a sweet and lovely thing. Especially with coordinating t-shirts! This adorable couple will make your heart go pitter-patter and put a smile on your face as you watch them go from frolicking in the park at Robbins Lodge in Davie, to skipping down the train tracks and meandering[...]
  • Stephy and Ariel: Engagement at the Railroad Museum

  • Who doesn’t think of romantic goodbyes and hello’s when stepping back in time on the platform of a train station? For Stephy and Ariel, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum was the perfect setting for declaring their engagement and letting the sparks fly. We had a blast exploring the good old days of trav[...]