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Family Photoshoot in Fort Lauderdale
  • Family Photoshoot in Fort Lauderdale

  • The uniqueness of family shoots are enjoyable from all angles, there is nothing like being able to photograph the love, personalities and likenesses families share. The best family photos always come from creating a great day spent together to simply capturing the awesome family you truly are! We so[...]
  • Faren Family Photo Shoot | Tree Tops Park

  • When capturing some of the most important and endearing moments of people’s lives, it's impossible to not hold a certain bond with those people, but when given that opportunity to shoot with those people a few times over, the bond strengthens, and the pictures hold that much more meaning. Meet the l[...]
Orlando Florida Family Photo Shoot | Lindsay and Kelly
  • Cooper's smash the cake: 1 year old!

  • Happy one year to cutie pie Cooper! We have been shooting special moments for this lovely family since Tiffany and Matthew and got engaged (we've also shot their wedding day)! I actually shot their engagement photos here at the Las Olas Riverfront Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Now we are back to[...]
  • Sweet Togetherness Family Pregnancy Shoot

  • Pregnancy photos are such a delight. Center them around an adorable, loving family, a walk through the park and out to the beach for a sunset finale and you've got yourself some memories that melt the heart! If you're a parent, you know just how precious those sweet moments of togetherness can be--a[...]
  • Family Photos in the Miami Wynwood Art District

  • I realize that the blog lately has been bursting at the seams with mushy-gushy-lovey-dovey-happy-go-lucky stuff (yes, that's the technical term). Perhaps you're in the mood for, else? Well, too bad!! If you want to see photos of angry people, go read a dreary fashion magazine. If you[...]
  • Maternity + Family in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • I love the spontaneity, fun and character that comes up when shooting a family.   Kids, by nature after all, are ready to act like kids at any time!  Throw in two beautiful parents and a baby on his way, and you get a kaleidoscope of life at its best.  As you can guess, we had a ball shooting this p[...]