Casey and Luigi | Fit Couple Gets Engaged

We here at Michelle Lawson Photography – South Florida Wedding Photographers, love doing engagement photo-shoots.  We love it because we get to be apart of the experience and crystallize the moment of surprise, love and happiness forever.  We are especially happy to see Casey and Luigi come together. One special thing about Casey and Luigi, that you can clearly see below, is that they are an active couple, who are started the ATP – Obstacle Gym. You can tell all of their hard work and dedication has paid off, just look at Luigi lifting Casey up high! We can admire this special couples fitness all day, but in the end, both Casey and Luigi are madly in love with each other, and we cannot wait to see them grow together.


If you’re a Fort Lauderdale Local, you’ll appreciate the workout station on Fort Lauderdale beach by the Yankee Clipper, and the Riverwalk Park by Las Olas. Both are two amazing locations, which are highly recommended, for not only photo shoots or as wedding venues in Ft Lauderdale, but enjoying time with your loved one, if you’re in South Florida, both are treasures to behold, they are not far from the historic Riverside hotel of Fort Lauderdale.

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