Lorena and Fabier | Engagement at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Beautiful couple? Check. Amazing Location? Check. Moment Captured? Double Check. 

If you’re a fan of cute couples, lush greenery, and epic post colonial architecture then you’re in the right place.

Lorena and Fabier asked us to capture their Engagement photos at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami and we just had to be there. They plan on tying the knot in January, but until then, we have these photos to enjoy.


We started capturing our journey at the gates of Vizcaya. The first thing about Vizcaya is that its huge! The historical location is surrounded by some of the most elaborate gardens in all of the United States, these gardens have sections and each section creates its own little “room” with its personal feel and atmosphere. Delving into the “rooms” of the garden and exploring its playful maze was a treat to behold. As you scroll down and follow our journey you will see arching pillars, vibrant walkways, and little hide aways for our couple to sneak a quick kiss.

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