Photo Wall

What the what is a PhotoWALL?!?!

The difference between a PhotoBooth and our PhotoWall is simple.  A PhotoBooth is what everyone knows.   It’s the get it, close the curtain, squeeze into the frame and hope you timed everything out right booth that gives you the teeny-tiny photo strips.   But the PhotoWall? On man the PhotoWall is a 9×9 premium backdrop that groups of all sizes can get in on and have a blast!  We kick on the Hollywood bright LEDs to make you feel like you’re owning the red carpet.  And with a real live rockstar photographer you’ll feel like you’re gorgeous even while wearing a pirate hat and funky mustache.

Digital vs Unlimited prints.  With the Digital PhotoWall, all the fun is captured in-camera and transferred to a flash drive which you will receive just a few days after your event.  It also includes an online client gallery where all your guests can view, download and share to their favorite social media site ABSOLUTELY FREE.  The Unlimited Prints option includes all of the above as well as instantly providing 4×6 custom prints – which guests can take, enjoy and remember for years to come.