South Florida’s Best PhotoBooth Experience! | We Call It A PhotoWall!


The newest trend in weddings is….a photo booth!!! If you have recently attended a wedding chance is you have taken a few photos in a Photo Booth. It’s the get in, close the curtain, squeeze into the frame and hope you timed everything out right booth that gives you the teeny-tiny photo strips. We at Michelle Lawson Photography have a modern take on the outdated photo booth. Ours is called the PhotoWall!


Well the main idea of the PhotoWALL truly is "Go big or go home." And ain't nobody going home (especially not at your wedding)! They are at your special event to celebrate and to party!!! So with our PhotoWALL WE. GO. BIG! With an actual photographer holding a high end camera we can get a big group shot, like a whole cheerleading squad, and then can quickly adjust to get a great looking solo shot of your uncle living out his repressed pirate syndrome. LOL!!!  The PhotoWall is a 9×9 premium backdrop that allows groups of all sizes can get in and have a blast!  We kick on the Hollywood bright LEDs to make you feel like you’re owning the red carpet.


The props always change because we don't want icky, lame or outdated props. We have FUN shopping for props and want every guest to have fun as well. While we are out shopping we stop and  think "What's going to rock these people's world?" Or "What is something that I haven't seen before?" We invest a LOT of money into props to make each PhotoWALL the best experience it can possibly be!


We don't want you using a magnifying glass to enjoy the crazy time you had on the PhotoWALL (and we don't think you do either!!!) so the typical "strip" is not what you'll receive from our PhotoWALL. We again go big with a full size 4x6 print of your photo! Giving you a SWEET party favor idea because it's the most common photo size out there!!

Pro Tip: Set up a photo album and have your guests can fill it up with all the love, well wishes and crazy photos their hearts desire!!



Digital vs Unlimited prints.  With the Digital PhotoWall, all the fun is captured in-camera and transferred to a flash drive which you will receive just a few days after your event.  It also includes an online client gallery where all your guests can view, download and share to their favorite social media site ABSOLUTELY FREE.

The Unlimited Prints option includes all of the above as well as instantly providing 4×6 custom prints – which guests can take, enjoy and remember for years to come.



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