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Our Wedding Filmography is here to capture moments that may fly by when you’re the busy bride and groom, and we love to do it! While pictures are worth a thousand words, a film can capture the sound of your “I Do’s” and maybe even your grandmother’s heartfelt reaction. We take the time to tell your story as your special day unfolded so you can remember and relive the moments from getting ready to the grand exit at the end of the night. All film is shot by our team’s videographer Adam Roberts. 

Adam Rober is a talented Wedding Filmmaker (wedding films, wedding videographer, cinematic wedding film, cinematic wedding highlights film) and resident Pirate (having a condition called  Repressed Pirate Syndrome ( RPS) according to Adam) of the Michelle Lawson Photography team.

At weddings, you can find him crouched in the brush, perched up in trees, scaling walls or working right along side with our photographers, all for the sake of capturing the perfect angle to tell your story! Thanks, Adam!

We put together some of our favorite films we've done, so you will be able to know what you would like captured for your own wedding! Warning! Tissues may be required to watch these videos!


We adored capturing how much love surrounded this couple by family and friends!


The honesty and devotions of these vows where something true love could only show!

This bride reading her soon to be husband's heartfelt letter to her before the "I Do's" and the adorably choreographed first dance will be something they can enjoy again and again with this film


There are two types of films we do to make it easy and convenient for you to experience your day over and over without having to sit through a 2-hour long documentary. We have our Wedding feature films, as seen above. The feature films are beautifully crafted cinematic look at the entire day and approximately 7 to 10 minutes long, great for sharing with family and friends over social media, especially to those loved ones who were not able to attend.

The Long film is shot more live documentary style, therefore, longer in nature as it includes longer cuts of first dances, and toasts given at the reception. This may not be the film that you watch over and over with friends but it's worth to have archived.

To see our full film gallery you can check it out here, all shot by our videographer, Adam Roberts


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