Trash the Wedding Dress Shoot at Fort Lauderdale’s Harbor Beach Marriott | Brittany and Shane

We are super excited to share this unique shoot at The Fort Lauderdale Harbour Marriott! It is Brittany and Shane’s Trash the Dress shoot!

What is Trash the Dress?

Trash the Dress or TTD is a growing trend originating a little more than a decade ago by Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper, who “became bored” shooting tradition wedding sessions. When Cooper asked eccentric brides (like our Brittany) to start posing in some less than traditional settings, the result was something both photographer and bride could enjoy! Scroll down to see the reast of these increadible photos captures by the Michelle Lawson Photography team, and some ideas for other Trash The Dress shoots!


Playing in the sand!

Taking the dive!

Pool time!

Trashing the dress usually takes place a few weeks after the wedding. Giving the dress brides would have only worn once, a new experience and life captured in moments the couple could cherish forever.

Shane and Brittany's wedding day, also shot by the Michelle Lawson Photography team

Trash the Dress inspiration!

The beach

  • Like Brittany and Shane we think an ocean TTD is fun, daring and romantic!

Get colorful!

  • Using paint, in the form of powder, paint balls, or liquid can create stunning contrast on a white dress! Get creative and use only one or coordinating colors, or have a blast and resemble a rainbow!

Add Your Favorite furry friends

  • What do dogs love more than destroying your beautiful belongings and getting dirty? … Not getting scolded for it! Take your pups to frolick in the fields and mud to make for some adorably messy pictures!

Take a Hike!

  • Really! Take a hike! A walk through the woods in a beautiful dress can create gorgeous and fantastical style pictures, and may even keep your wedding dress salvageable.

Trash the Dress shoots to avoid:

Jumping into deep or rough waters

  • Dresses are heavy! And can prove to be quite dangerous when you combine deep waters and rough currants, we suggest having a safety official nearby for any shoots involving water, but it's best to avoid deep water all together.


  • At no age is it okay to play with fire, even with extra measures of safety, it's not worth the risk.


  • Or anything illegal, trust your photographer to create something edgy and daring- without breaking any laws.

Best wishes to the extraordinary Shane and Brittany!!

Are You Daring Enough To Give This a Try?!

See you soon,

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