Wedding Investment

First thing to know: We do not live in a box. We live in your world: and we are not the typical photographer who creates packages to only trap you into having to buy more and more to get what you really want. We want to give you everything you hope for and more! So…….Get to know how We do Our Weddings :

4 things are always included..
Which are:

1. Full day/Unlimited time
Which means…no time limits or restrains. We do not charge by hour, so whenever the bride and groom are getting ready, we will be there and we’ll stay till the very end of the day or night! :)

2. Our exclusive “No Photo Left Behind Act”.
Which means that we shoot continuously as photo journalists during the whole wedding day (from the bride and groom getting ready- thru the end of the entire day), documenting the wedding bliss as it all unfolds. Every couple/wedding day is different and unique, and we love the thrill of capturing all the sweet, real and sincere moments that are often caught in the “in-between”. We love “setting the stage” for our couple’s “bride and groom” shots and then letting love and sweet things happen. Its so special and such an honor for us to capture all these moments..

3. Our exclusive ‘No Photo Hostage Program”.
Which means that our couples receive every image we shoot with the highest res on discs and ALL completely edited and touched up for magazine quality. We don’t believe that a couple should have to choose 500 or so photos from 2000+ images in “set up and boxed in” photography packages. We want our couples to have all their photos and all with fantastic quality. Our couples can then print and blow up huge prints on their own now, 50 years from now, whenever and wherever they choose…forever.

4. Client Gallery.
We host a fabulous client gallery for our couples with all their rockin wedding day photos for an entire year. The site is a place where their friends and family can go to, to download photos of the day for FREE. :) This way, families and friends can relax and be carefree on the wedding day, not trying to take pictures like crazy people, knowing that all the photos they want of themselves and of…well, anything they want…will be available to them for free. :) (they can also take pictures like crazy people if they really want to!) lol. The site can also be password protected if the bride and groom choose…and they can pass on the passcode to whomever they wish. :)

Now, we do offer lots of great add ons also. It was our thought to not box people in…So we offer a base with all that we would ever want in a base and then offer all the sweet extras on top of that:

Here are just a few:
Engagement sessions- $500.
Trash the dress sessions- $400.
Prints of all photos- $400.
Beautiful photo albums- start at $500.
Gallery wrapped canvas prints- start at $40.
Extra prime photographers from our rockin team- $1100.

We do have a travel fee for Weddings and sessions outside of Florida, and it varies on time of year being booked and how many photographers are needed. :) But we always give our clients the best deal possible! We absolutely love what we do and are not driven by the money, but by the joy of taking beautiful and creative pictures for our couples to keep forever….for even their grandkids to love. :)

Steve and Michelle Lawson, Paul Awesome, Bryant and Kalley Hernandez and our whole awesome photography team! :0

Having a destination wedding? Awesome!!!! We LOVE to travel! We are really good at living out of suitcases and we are available for weddings worldwide.
We offer FREE destination wedding packages to a select few every year.
Contact us to see if your wedding is applicable!

SO……Why are we Wedding Photographers?
The simple answer?! We love it! We absolutely adore everything about weddings and all the excitement that goes with them! We know how hard it is to find a photographer that matches your style and connects with your personality. As your wedding photographers, we want to be there for you throughout your whole wedding experience. We always want you to feel like we are not only your wedding photographers, but also your friends. So many photographers neglect the most important parts of a wedding…the beautiful details and the tender moments you share that truly make your wedding day memorable. Our goal is to capture those moments that you will cherish most.