Again and again, we give our business and plans for it to the Lord. As always, our prayer has been that Jesus would open doors for us that only He can. And as we’ve grown over the years, and as our business has grown over the years, and as we’ve worked so very hard, and cared so very much- He has done that very thing. And we continue to look to God and are so thankful for all He has done through us and for us. We commit our work to you, Jesus. And we are so so thankful for this business we started with a tiny dream in our hearts. God has grown it into something spectacular and we are honored to get to do what we do- capturing beautiful moments that will be turned into memories on film- forever to be cherished.

“Commit your works and actions to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established; your plans will succeed. Psalms 16:3”

We are thankful to be able to homeschool/unschool our tribe and love the freedom it gives us and our kids to pursue the things they love and are interested in. And most importantly, gives us the opportunity to have Disney World year passes and go while there are no crowds! Haha. Lol!
Which brings us to our next love- which is two fold: Traveling and eating! Follow all of our fun adventures on Instagram! @WildAndFreeLawsons

We are total foodies. We love finding really good local coffee/tea shoppes, bakeries and eateries! When we travel, eating at great places is a must!!!!
We love traveling with our kids- so much so- that we have bought a school bus and transformed it into an RV for fun road trips! We try our best to have a week long Lawson family adventure every month! And we have done a few month long trips where we meet up with our friends and clients all over the country- and do sessions in each state we go through! It’s amazing!

As for some fun facts about us:
Michelle is originally from Chi town. Good ole Chicago! Steve was born right here in South Florida. A true local. We met in high school and married soon after in May of 2001. Yes! High school sweethearts!
We have 7 beautiful wild and free children. 5 of which were born at home!
We have also had 5 miscarriages along the way. So in total: we have 12 children!
We eat organically, and love to support local farmers.
We also are passionate about buying fair trade and supporting small businesses.

We are blessed to have a dream team of amazing people who we adore! They are energetic, hardworking, creative, fun loving and truly love being a part of the Michelle Lawson Photography team.
We are passionate about taking beautiful images that capture who you are. Capturing love. Telling the story of a couple in love, marriage, motherhood, fatherhood, childhood. Life.

Life and Love, Captured.

Photos by @themangomarket