Meet Steve and Michelle!

First things first, we give GOD all the glory for our business. He opens all doors for us, just as only He can open them! Michelle is from Chicago and I was born in South Florida. We are high school sweethearts and got married in May 2001. We act like newlyweds, although it has been over 21 years!!

We have 6 boys and 1 little girl who love art and photography, among so many things, and are always coming up with creative ideas. We home school with them, so it is easy for them to explore the world with us!

We are blessed to have a dream team of amazing people who we adore! They are energetic, hardworking, creative, fun loving and truly love being a part of the Michelle Lawson Photography team. This is because photography is really not a job to us. We all completely love what we do and are so blessed to be living out our passion.

We are passionate about taking beautiful images that capture who you are. Capturing love. Telling the story of a couple in love, marriage, motherhood, fatherhood, childhood. Life.

Meet Rob!

I’ve known Steve and Michelle for…so long now – We’re practically family! My wife and Michelle have been friends since HIGH SCHOOL and so Steve and I had no choice but to hang out together. Turns out not only do we get along as friends…but we’ve become tight like brothers – going on epic adventures around the world, building legendary forts for our kids and yes…working together shooting stellar photos and films for some incredible people!!

You’ll hear me say over and over again: I have the best job - spending time with beautiful people, on the best days of their lives. And whether that’s a family shoot to remember this stage of your story or capturing your whole wedding day so you can relive and remember it forever…I love what I do!!!

I’m a South Florida native and have been behind a camera, in both photography and video production, for over 15 years now and enjoy the art of capturing who you are and telling your story. I am constantly amazed at how God has grown Michelle Lawson Photography and I can’t wait to see what He is going to do in the future and the fun new people I get to meet!! My questions is…will that be you? If so, let’s make some memories!!

Meet Caleb!

Hey everyone! Caleb Lawson, son of Steve & Michelle Lawson & future owner of Michelle Lawson Photography, here! As a God fearing Christian, absolutely everything I do, I do for the Lord & I give all the glory to God for everything he blesses me with, such as the incredible opportunity to be a photographer for Michelle Lawson Photography.

Photography is a passion & hobby of mine that I’ve been doing for almost my entire life! I’ve had the opportunity to build lots of incredible experience by photographing over 400 weddings (many all across the country), the Super Bowl & the Daytona 500! I’ve taken professional photos for Shaquille O’Neil, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Colby Covington & most recently for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. I’m so excited to see what lies ahead!

My Wife, Kate & I got married young at 19 years old & it was the absolute greatest decision!! It’s amazing to experience life with your best friend right by your side, such as creating your perfect home, traveling, and raising a big beautiful family!! We are huge believers in marriage & family, so we absolutely love to capture it all on camera! It’s truly a huge honor!!

Meet Jacob, Our Filmographer!

Hi everyone!

I am a photographer that has been shooting with Michelle Lawson Photography since 2016. I am the oldest to 5 brothers and 1 sister. I'm an avid reader and an artist. I like to think of myself as compassionate. I've been saved by grace and I always want to extend that same love and kindness to others. I'm confident in my work. I love to have fun.

Having been homeschooled, I was able to finish up school early, which allows me the freedom to pursue the things I love. One of those is being a part of the Michelle Lawson team!
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